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What We Do?

We are committed to our research into nanotechnology and nanomedicine and what it can do to fight cancer. At the moment 1 in 4 deaths in the developed world can be attributed to cancer, after cardiac arrest it is the second biggest killer.

ESNano Technology Development Limited is using nanotechnology to develop groundbreaking technologies and medicine to provide advances in the following areas:

    • Medical Imaging
    • Drug Delivery
    • Cancer Therapy

About Us: What We Do?
About Us: Tackling Cancer

Tackling Cancer

Cancer is a major cause of death in the developed world and is now becoming the leading cause of mortality in the developing world.

Traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy are used on over 6 million patients every single year, up to 60% of all cancer patients worldwide. Nevertheless, despite its common usage there are massive issue concerned with the damage these therapies do to healthy tissue throughout the body. This often results in some serious side effects, which can have a detrimental effect on the quality of patient life.

At ESNano Technology Development Limited we believe that we have what could be an exciting answer to this problem, nanomedicine.

About Us: Treating Brain Cancer

Treating Brain Cancer

When treating brain cancer we need to be extremely careful. The brain is still a huge mystery to medical science, so when it comes to treating a tumor in the brain we must proceed with care. Whenever a patient is shown to have brain cancer the biggest problem we face is how to treat such a delicate organ and to avoid damaging healthy brain tissue as much as possible. In fact what we are doing when treating any brain cancer is destroying brain cells that has become diseased and changed into cancerous cells. Therefore, no matter what the traditional method of treatment is implemented there is going to be damage to healthy tissue and the side effects that this can cause.

About Us: Treating Brain Cancer

It is our aim to develop a system, which targets only the diseased tissues. Hopefully this will limit damage done to healthy brain tissue. We believe that NanoMedicine is the answer, we have designed a nano-sphere coated in a layer of gold 1 atom thick. We can attach to the gold specific biological molecules that will recognize proteins expressed on the surface of cancer cells. Because these proteins are not expressed on healthy cells, the idea is to use these to target diseased cells only. At ESNano Technology Development Limited, we have demonstrated how we can target cancerous cells in vivo (live experiments). We propose attaching molecules for imaging to help diagnose cancer and to attach therapeutic molecules to treat the cancer.

In effect what this means is a kinder way to treat brain cancer. There is no need to poison healthy tissue in the traditional slash and burn approach to treating any cancer. This will significantly reduce side-effects leading to a much better quality of life both during and after treatment.