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Promising Results from Pre-Clinical Trials for Combined Insulin/GLP-1 Therapy

Press Release Date: January 13, 2015

With preliminary results showing such promise in the opening stages of Pre-Clinical trials of its Insulin/GLP-1 combination therapy, ESNano is excited to announce that with the completion of laboratory testing that they have achieved performance results that justify moving forward.

The potential of being able to offer a combined Insulin/GLP-1 therapeutic regime to sufferers of Diabetic conditions is one that has only become a feasible prospect with the advances in GNP technology spearheaded by ESNano. The ability to carry more than one pharmaceutical payload at the same time on a single golden nano-sphere across barriers without losing efficiency of the transported drug payload has been the focal point of efforts at ESNANO for over 18 months.

Recently completed Pre-Clinical testing has shown that ESNano’s golden nano-sphere technology offers the ability to carry two complementary products, Insulin and glucagon like peptides, safely and efficiently across physiological barriers without payload efficiency experiencing any degradation, a positive step forward for future treatment of a range of conditions, not only those Diabetic conditions currently being examined.

By being able to deliver complimentary payloads from a single stable solution while at the same time improving trans barrier passage, ESNano is seeking to fundamentally alter the medical landscape for therapies involving pharmaceutical cocktails as encountered in a high number of prevalent health conditions including the initial focus of this approach, Diabetes Types 1 and 2. With confirmation of the soundness of this approach now obtained in laboratory testing, ESNano seeks to pursue development at an accelerated pace.

“We have shown that what we as well as many others in the medical community were hoping for is indeed possible so far as initial testing can demonstrate, that is the ability to safely and efficiently deliver a multitude of compounds using golden nano-spheres from a solution that is not subject to stability issues often encountered between the products that are required in multi medication courses, thus we could see a significant simplification of treatments, lowering of costs and improved responses to the medications overall, so with this in mind we are looking to conduct Stage one clinical trials on the combined therapy delivery process as soon as is possible for us,” remarked ESNano Technology Development Ltd’s Chief Scientific Officer. Prof. David Radcliff.

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