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Testing of Diabetes Immunotherapy Pre Clinical Trials Underway

Press Release Date: March 10, 2015

The race to develop a preventative vaccine based response to the growing problem presented by rising rates of Diabetic conditions is one that ESNano is pursuing aggressively with our golden nano-sphere technology at the forefront of promising new treatment regimes.

The benefit of prevention over cure are well understood by both medical practitioners and the general public as a whole, through minimizing the numbers of afflicted patients and reducing costs of long term care associated with serious conditions especially Diabetic conditions.

One of the most exciting fields in terms of potential ramifications in reducing patient numbers and the cost of treatment regimes is vaccine based immunotherapy with ESNano and our partners in the healthcare industry actively studying the use of our proprietary golden nano-sphere technology as a means of administering via intra dermal means suppressive T-cell epitomes that have been cultured from a patient’s own autoimmune antigens to act as a counter to unwanted destruction of pancreatic β-cells caused by a patient’s own autoimmune system.

By utilizing such a vaccine based regime patients will no longer find themselves facing the raft of associated medical conditions, conditions whose treatment cost both in terms of finance and quality of life often far outweigh those of the underlying and mostly preventable cause, especially in the case of Type 2 diabetes mellitus, which is brought about primarily through lifestyle choices only encountered in developed and developing nations.

“Sadly in the case of Type 2 diabetes the long term healthcare costs and those derived from resultant productivity decreases are placing an ever larger strain on the health care infrastructure of even the most developed of nations. Even with the disease being largely avoidable through healthy living, education on this aspect has had little to no effect on combating rising rates of its presence across large swathes of the population. A vaccine based preventative measure utilizing our own golden nano-sphere technology is a measure that could save not just large sums of money, more importantly lives every day that it is in existence and this makes it an ideal pursuit for us to follow,” said ESNano Technology Development Ltd’s CEO Dr. Hans Zeigler.

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