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Essentially NanoMedicine is the application of nanotechnology in the medical field. NanoMedicine is used to describe the highly specific use of structures on the nano-scale in the treatment of diseases right down to the molecular level. NanoMedicine is also used in diagnostic procedures and can be found in a variety of modern imaging techniques used to diagnose and to provide prognosis of a patient.

Here at ESNano Technology Development Limited we are working with researchers on developing some very exciting new techniques, which are designed to take advantage of the latest research coming out of nanotechnology today. Technologies that are being used to design new methods to treat a plethora of disorders. At this time the biggest and most exciting area is the research being carried out into specific drug delivery systems ones where we are looking to targeted drug delivery.

Our Vision
Our Vision

NanoMedicine is the next major advancement in modern medicine development. NanoMedicine will allow for treatment of serious disease to be as non-invasive as possible, while at the same time only targeting those parts of the body that need targeting. Cancer tumors will no longer need dangerously invasive surgeries or highly toxic chemotherapies (with all the associated side-effect it brings) to remove them. We will be able to specifically target them without damaging surrounding tissue.

21st Medicine

NanoMedicine will change the way we look at and manage disease. There will be a new paradigm in medicine, a revolution in treating illnesses.

At ESNano Technology Development Limited we know that there are still significant obstacles that we need to negotiate with before the shift in paradigm happens. Nevertheless, every day new nanotechnologies are appearing with exciting new prospects that can to the uninitiated appear overwhelming and complex.

Our Vision

NanoMedicine will provide new paths for us to go down. Right now, many medical conditions require surgery and often it is inevitable. However, there are serious risks involved in any surgery. In fact, the truth is that no surgery is ever truly straightforward and safe. Many patients who undergo complex surgeries can experience complications or a reduction in their quality of life.

With the development being made in nanotechnology, it may soon be possible to treat many diseases with non-invasive techniques. ESNano Technology Development Limited is currently in the later stages of development of just such a treatment. The treatment of tumors with reductions in side-effects caused by developing a targeted system of drug delivery. Old chemotherapy techniques are the equivalent of carpet-bombing the body to kill an elusive enemy. You cause as much damage to healthy tissue as you do to cancerous tumors, resulting in unpleasant side-effects.

If NanoMedicine goes on to achieve just a fraction of what it promises we will see a new era of health care ushered into common usage. NanoMedicine could provide a new era of human longevity and prolonged health.