A Novel Approach

Here at ESNano Technology Development Limited we have made significant steps forward to producing an exciting and novel method for treating cancer. We have specialized in treating brain tumors as these forms of cancer has always presented very serious problems when it comes to treatment and any operation upon the brain is a very serious situation indeed.

In the past traditional treatment with chemotherapy had come up against one of biology's great developments, the blood brain barrier. Getting past this barrier has traditionally been one of the greater difficulties in delivering therapeutic treatments. The blood brain barrier (BBB) carries out a neuron-protective role. Methods traditionally used are complicated and expensive and sometimes even require direct intra-cerebral implantation by needles into the brain itself.

Solution: Cancer Therapy

A complete system

ESNano Technology Development Limited research has yielded some exciting results in crossing the BBB in both imaging, diagnostic and in treatment therapies. Nanotechnology has once again delivered the prospect of a Magic Bullet in the treatment of cancer. ESNano Technology Development Limited has shown that these nano-spheres can be coated with a layer of gold 1 atom thick. Attached to the gold are radioactive isotopes capable of emitting the type of radiation, beta particles, needed to kill tumor cells. Beta particle decay is in the form of high-energy electrons, which will be given off as the radioactive isotope decays.

Patient safety a major priority

One concern patients may have is the presence of radioactive particle in their body, however our researchers have determined that these nano-spheres introduce significantly less radioactive compounds into the body than something familiar like a barium drink used in observing the digestion tract with x-rays. ESNano Technology Development Limited researchers have worked out the optimal safe parameters for the cancer killing golden nano-spheres. Each treatment deploys the right level of radioactivity to kill the tumor cells and will exhibit a short enough half-life to ensure that healthy tissue does not feel any significant effects.


Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier

ESNano Technology Development Limited is developing systems designed to identify and treat brain tumors. One of the greatest problems in treating the brain is crossing the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB).

What is the Blood Brain Barrier?

The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) is an anatomic-physiologic feature of the brain. The BBB is thought to consist of walls of capillaries in the central nervous system and surrounding glial membranes. The BBB separates the nervous tissues of the central nervous system (spinal cord and brain tissue) from blood. The blood-brain barrier prevents or slows the passage of some drugs and some chemical compounds and disease-causing organisms such as viruses from the blood into the central nervous system.

Solution: Drug Delivery
Solution: Drug Therapy

Drugs designed to target the brain

ESNano Technology Development Limited has spent a number of years developing a complete therapeutic system designed to identify and treat brain tumors. We knew of the difficulties encountered in delivering therapeutic agents to specific regions of the brain. This major challenge to treatment is a serious problem in the treatment of brain disorders. The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) provides the function of protecting the brain from foreign particles, including bacteria and viruses. A side effect of this function, and one that hinders modern medicine, is that it also protects the brain from therapeutic medicines by inhibiting or even preventing their transit across the BBB.

Nanotechnology has the answer

ESNano Technology Development Limited believes that today's advances in nanotechnology have provided the answer. Our research has produced some exciting results in getting both imaging markers and therapeutic agents across the BBB. We believe we have developed a groundbreaking technology that is also incredibly safe to administer to patients.

Significant amounts of research have taken place in this area of nano-sphere mediated delivery. Delivering drugs across the BBB will be one of the most promising applications of nanotechnology in clinical neuroscience. ESNano Technology Development Limited feel that nano-particles like our golden nano-spheres have massive and exciting potential to carry out multiple tasks in a system of identifying and then treating tumors and other brain or neurological disorders.


Groundbreaking technology

Researchers working with ESNano Technology Development Limited are working on a groundbreaking technique to help highlight tumors. Using the golden nano-spheres we have designed we are able to target cancer metastasis in the body. The golden nano-spheres are gold-coated balls of carbon 60, better known as buckyballs. The gold surface then has the specific cell-targeting compound attached to it, the compound is designed to target the cancer cells being looked for. There are different targeting compound that correspond to different cell markers that are only found on particular cancer cells.

The detection occurs by using low-level radiation emitted by lasers onto a patient. Normally gold in large quantities can be toxic inside the body. However, research has now shown the small amount of gold associated with the nano-particles is less toxic than traditional imaging compounds used.

Solution: Medical Imaging
Solution: Groundbreaking technology

Cost effective imaging

The synthesis of the golden nano-spheres is a simple and very cost effective process. The whole process can be carried out at room temperatures. The end product is also environmentally friendly and there are no harmful waste products produced, in fact all materials are easily recycled and re-introduced into the system.

Studies have shown that the golden nano-spheres are useful in both imaging diagnosis and treatment of cancers. The system can be used to carry both imaging indicators and as a therapeutic delivery vector.

Diverse Product

We believe that our nano-sphere system will provide a complete system that can be used from start to finish in patient care: It is a diagnostic imaging tool and it provides the system to deliver therapeutics needed for treatment.

We believe that in the future with further development that this delivery system to recovery will lead to treatments for other disorders, diseases and damage to the brain where our technology will provide the perfect delivery system.

A world of possibilities opens up to us by providing an exciting way to delivery therapeutic treatments to brain neurons without the need to perform invasive and possible life altering brain surgery. One that may even help us to finally understand one of biology’s last great mysteries, the workings of the human brain.

Solution: Diverse Product Development
Solution: Diverse Product Development

Other potential treatments could involve the following:

• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Aneurysm Repairs
• Brain Trauma
• Brain Tumors and Cancers
• Cerebral Palsy
• Coma and Persistent Vegetative State
• Concussions

• Dementia (non-Alzheimer’s type)
• Epilepsy
• Huntington’s Disease
• Motor Neuron Disease
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Stroke

The possibilities could be endless, our system paves the way forward to a future where we can provide easy access to imaging in the brain and also a way of delivering medicines or even possible gene therapies directly into the brain just where it is needed and to cause as little damage to healthy neurons as possible.